Completed October 24 - 28
  • Completed the curb and gutter along the west-side of First Street
  • Installed the internal water lines and return basin on the First Street fountain
  • Poured the cement for the fountain and prepped  for the tile installation next week
  • Completed grading and installing the first layer of base rock (aggregate) on First Street
  • Completed the curb & gutter concrete on the west side of First Street
  • Continued work on the  gas line connection in the Central Plaza 
  • Completed demolition of asphalt, curb and gutter on State Street
  • Began excavation for new foundations , irrigation and electrical conduit on State Street
  • Completed excavation for planting wall “A” on First Street; then framed and poured concrete foundation for planting wall “A”
  • Completed forms and finished pouring concrete for new mid-block crosswalk on First Street
  • Capped new manhole on First Street near State Street
Downtown Traffic Updates
  • First Street paving has been scheduled: first asphalt layer (lift) will take place Friday. November 4 and the second layer (lift) Monday, November 7. 
  • First Street will re-open to one-way traffic (southbound direction) on Friday, November 11
Other Downtown News
Scheduled for New Week
  • Install tile for new fountain
  • Demolish the State St curb & gutter adjacent to the project
  • Install final layers of aggregate and soil for the new First Street roadbed
  • Complete grading and compacting of new roadbed in preparation for paving
  • Pave the first layer (lift) of asphalt on First Street
  • Continue work on new traffic signal control box
  • Continue landscaping area preparation
  • Continue gas line connection work
  • Continue engineering design work on sidewalk transition and ground elevations on State Street at First Street 


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