Scheduled for September 6-10
  • Continued laying storm drain pipe, working from State Street towards Parking Plaza North– 90% completed
  • Continued excavation of dirt below street level in preparation for the new sub-base and asphalt top of the new streets—90% completed
  • Complete trenching and laying of new electrical & irrigation lines on Main Street
  • Poured fortified concrete cap for water lines on First and Main Streets– 90% complete
  • Trenched for new streetlight electrical conduit on Main Street and began on First Street
  • Continued building curb and gutter frames
  • Compacted First & Main intersection soil in preparation for Geo-fabric and base rock
  • Installed new storm drain manhole on First Street
  • Backfilled and placed asphalt (paved) trench on First Street over new storm drain pipe
  • Water company crew night work to place the water pipe below other utility lines on First Street and connect to the main water line on the Central Parking Plaza
Schedule Update
  • No work will take place on the job site over the Labor Day weekend
  • Beginning Tuesday, September 6, crews will work 10-12 hour days and weekends
  • The tentative opening date for the First & Main intersection has been revised to Monday, September 26. This will be the entire intersection all the way out to Foothill Expressway, instead of opening one segment at a time.
  • A more detailed update on the opening phases will be distributed next week, mid-week.

Scheduled for September 6-10
  • Begin working 10-12 hours daily, Monday through Sunday
  • Remove the two sewer manholes in the First & Main intersection and replace with new lower covers and cones (carry over from last week)
  • Continue installing Geo-fabric and base rock for the new road bed
  • Finish excavation of below grade dirt for street sub-base along First Street near water pipe
  • Complete final manhole of new storm drain on First Street and connect to the main system
  • Begin saw cutting First Street sidewalk from State Street to the North Plaza for irrigation & electrical lines (carry over from last week)

Traffic Update
  • Temporary lane closure on First Street between State and Parking Plaza North will continue with flaggers during work hours until manhole complete
  • Installed new traffic loops (sensors) at the Edith Avenue and First Street intersection this week to correct the commute backup on Foothill & Edith Ave
Outreach Updates
  • Began distributing Annie’s Downtown contact cards to businesses.
  • Diagram of phased road openings will be distributed next week, mid-week.
 If you’d like the contact cards or phased  opening diagrams at your business, please call or email Beverly tel: 650.947.2889