_  Completed November 28-December 9
  • Installed temporary pedestrian access for Skip's Pizza and along First Street
  • Demolish the old sidewalk on First Street between Main St and the Central Parking Plaza
  • Set forms, installed rebar and poured  concrete base for new sidewalk on first block
  • Removed forms on long planter wall at State St and began stone installation on face
  • Completed irrigation line installation and wiring along First Street
  • Poured concrete foundation for irrigation control box in Parking Plaza North
  • Installed electrical conduit and connected into the power supply for the new street lights
  • Demolished sidewalk from State Street to Central Parking Plaza
  • Graded and compacted soil in preparation for baserock
  • Dug out, set forms and poured confor new trellis foundations along First St
  • Installed drainers for new raised plant pots
  • Built concrete forms adjacent to First & Main St intersection
Downtown Traffic Update
  • First St between State  & Main St is open to cars in the southbound direction only while the new sidewalks are installed on the east side of First Street. It will be closed as needed during construction hours to protect pedestrians and workers. The west side sidewalk is open.
Businesses Open During Construction
  • All First St businesses are open! To access the dry cleaners and the fitness studio use their rear entrances in the Central Parking Plaza
Downtown Entrance Monolith Update
  • The City Council will consider removing the granite monoliths from the First Street Streetscape with an option to direct the Public Arts Commission to consider placing a sculpture on the existing pedestal instead. The meeting is Tuesday, December 13 at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber, One North San Antonio Road, Los Altos. The meeting is open to the public.
Scheduled for This Week: December 12-16
  • Continue installing stone on long raised planter adjacent to State St
  • Install pavers on new sidewalk base on the first block of First St near Main St
  • Final grading and baserock installation for new sidewalk between State & Central Parking Plaza
  • Set concrete forms and install rebar for new sidewalk
  • Pour concrete for new sidewalk (two pours)
  • Install irrigation lines and valves for new landscaping
  • Install electrical conduit along First St for irrigation and up lights
  • Begin ground work for installing signal lights for First and Main intersection