Completed during the week of August 8-12
  • Installed straw waddles and protective fencing around London Plane  trees  to protect them during construction
  • Filled & compacted all new gas trenches (backfilled)
  • Cut asphalt and began trenching for new storm drain line between State Street & Parking Plaza North on First Street
  • Continued excavation of dirt below street level in preparation for the new sub-base and asphalt top of the new streets
  • Installed two new curb inlets for collecting rain water into the storm drain system
  • Poured foundation for the first of the two new storm drain manholes
  • Installed electrical conduit for the eight new traffic signal poles
  • 100% of all the old electrical wiring has been sorted for re-use and/or recycling
  • Continued creating concrete forms for the curbs and gutters. These are created through work with a “Smart Level” that assists the worker in setting the correct slop for the gutters to ensures run off water drains at the correct rate and into the correct place
  •  Installed initial pipes of new storm drain sections adjacent to the manholes
  • The traffic sign light manufacturer reported that the new eight new signal poles and lights are 90% completed and on time
Scheduled for the week of August 15-19
  • Continue excavation of below grade dirt for street sub-base
  • Continue creating forms for new curbs and gutters
  • Pour concrete test samples of curb and gutter colors to ensure matching with the rest of downtown
  • Following color approval, begin pouring concrete for new curbs and gutters
  • Continue excavation of new storm drain trench
  • Continue  laying storm drain pipe, working from State Street towards Parking Plaza North
  • Begin limited night work on water lines to prevent water service interruption during business hours (no residences will be impacted)
  • Continue in-progress surveying needed throughout the project
  • Begin tree removals
Traffic Update
  • Temporary lane closure on First Street between State and Parking Plaza North will continue with flaggers during work hours
Unexpected Finds - Surprises
  • No new surprises this week!
Outreach Updates
  • Apricot Annie’s  first business promotion ads and suggested travel routes were published in the Los Altos Town Crier and Palo Alto Daily News
  • Installed two new 20 minute parking spaces in Parking Plaza Central to assist customers making quick pick-ups and drop-offs
Completed this week:
• 90% of the curbs & gutters within the project area have been removed
• 100% of the old electrical conduit along First Street has been removed
• Installed temporary street lights along First Street and the start of State Street (these will be removed when the new street lights are installed)
• The City Council approved a design change that saves two mature London Plane trees  in front of Skip’s Pizza on First Street
• City Council also approved design changes to the sidewalk paving and a new benchwall along First Street near State Street
• Installed new gas line along First Street using new earthquake-safe flexible gas piping
• Removed the unexpected concrete slap in the center of the First & Main intersection
• Installed fabric blocks on top of all storm drain catch-basins to prevent any construction debris getting into the drain and ultimately the creek
• Hauled 100% of all concrete & asphalt debris demolished away for recycling
• Prepared the curb & gutter areas for placing the concrete molds next week

Scheduled for the week of August 8-12
• Create concrete molds (formwork) for new curb and gutter installation
• Pour new concrete for curbs & gutters adjacent to First & Main intersection area
• Fill-in & compact all gas trenches (backfill)
• Dig new sewer trench
• Remove trees as determined by revised plan
• Install straw waddles and fencing around remaining trees to protect them during construction
• Contractor will begin working on Saturdays for the next few weeks

Traffic Update
• One way traffic on First Street between State & Plaza North 7:00 am to 5:00 pm while trenching.

Unexpected Finds - Surprises
• The concrete cap on top of the new water line may need to be moved deeper underground to prevent interfering with the new road bed. The City Engineer will meet with Cal Water engineers to determine next step

Outreach Updates
• New Apricot Annie parking signs were installed to highlight free parking areas
• Two new signs highlighting access to the Chevron gas station installed
• Revised directional signs for drivers were installed on San Antonio Rd, El Monte Ave, Foothill Expressway
• More permanent Downtown directional signs installed
• Sidewalk A-frames directing walkers to businesses along First Street installed
• Apricot Annie continued meeting with community groups to ask for input and provide updates. If your group is interested in a visit from Annie, please email Beverly at
Completed during July 25-29
  • 50% of the sidewalks & gutters in the project area have been removed
  • The surveying for the curbs & gutters has been completed. (more surveying will be done in each phase)
  • Removed 90% of the old electrical conduit along First Street
  • Turned off the traffic signal at First & Main with PG&E disconnecting all power to the traffic poles. This will be a significant power & cost savings.
  • Installed “snow fencing” style barrier around work site as a safety precaution for pedestrians.
  • The contractor is keeping the sidewalks & streets swept in areas immediately adjacent to the project, as required by the City
  • Due to public interest, the tree removal along First Street was postponed while an alternative plan to retain some trees is drafted
Scheduled for the week of August 1-5
  • Begin trenching for the new gas line and storm drain pipes
  • Begin laying the new gas line pipes
  • Remove the concrete slab that was discovered under the paving in the center of the First & Main intersection.
  • Begin spreading the class two rock aggregate (crumbled bits of rock that serve as a strong sub-base for the new sidewalks & roads)
Traffic Update
  • One way traffic on First Street between State & Plaza North 7:00 am to 5:00 pm while trenching.
Unexpected Finds - Surprises
  • After further digging, it was learned that the concrete slab found under the First & Main intersection measured 80 ft long by 40 ft wide by 6 in deep. It may be part of a much earlier road as it approached the railroad tracks and crossing
  • The new water line installed last fall along First Street will require relocating the planned storm water catch basin. This will not cause a construction delay but will change the type of catch basin used
  • An old concrete cap from a water line no longer in use was also found. It will be removed in the next couple of weeks
Interesting Facts
  • All sidewalk concrete and street paving removed from the project area will be recycled. This entails crushing the concrete and asphalt at an off-site location and then selling it to construction firms that may use it for new road construction
Outreach Updates
  • Installation of Annie’s signs highlighting free parking areas began this week
  • Approval to create two 20 minute parking stalls to help customers in the Central Parking Plaza were approved this week
  • The City Council will consider design revisions regarding the First Street trees in the Streetscape Project on Wednesday, August 3 at 5:00 pm in the Council Chamber, One North San Antonio Road. Public is welcome!