Completed September 18-25
  • Complete final grading of the First & Main intersection in preparation for new asphalt
  • Continued backfill over new base rock and compacted new soil on First Street
  • Completed all curb and gutter frames & concrete in the First & Main intersection
  • Completed all concrete sections of the First & Main crosswalks
  • Completed raised dome inserts for ADA ramps to new crosswalks in the First & Main intersection
  • Completed the second new driveway for the Chevron station
  • Completed removal of sidewalks leading to Foothill Expressway
  • Installed anchor bolts for the new signal light bases
  • Began construction of new traffic controller next to Foothill Expressway
  • Removed & replaces manholes from roadway adjacent to Foothill Expressway
  • Created the two new driveways for the Central Parking Plaza
  • Installed base layer “2.5 inch lift” of asphalt for First & Main intersection & first 60’ of First St
  • (Friday evening) will install the traffic loops (sensors) for the intersection signal lights
Traffic Update
  • First & Main intersection through to Foothill Expressway opens Monday, September 26!
Fun Construction Facts
  • The asphalt is trucked fresh and hot (500°F) from the plant in San Jose for paving. The material is still between 350-400°F when it arrives onsite!
Scheduled for September 24-30
  • Install top layer “2.5 inch lift” of asphalt for First & Main intersection & first 60’ of First St
  • Continue pouring concrete for new curbs along west side of First Street
  • Continue grading on First Street roadbed
  • Complete final demolition of paving in transition area with Foothill Expressway
  • Begin work on new gas line connection to PGE service in the Central Plaza
Downtown Traffic Events
  • Friday, September 23– Los Altos High School Homecoming Parade!
  • Saturday, September 24– the 64th Annual Los Altos Kiwanis Pet Parade!