Completed during the week of August 8-12
  • Installed straw waddles and protective fencing around London Plane  trees  to protect them during construction
  • Filled & compacted all new gas trenches (backfilled)
  • Cut asphalt and began trenching for new storm drain line between State Street & Parking Plaza North on First Street
  • Continued excavation of dirt below street level in preparation for the new sub-base and asphalt top of the new streets
  • Installed two new curb inlets for collecting rain water into the storm drain system
  • Poured foundation for the first of the two new storm drain manholes
  • Installed electrical conduit for the eight new traffic signal poles
  • 100% of all the old electrical wiring has been sorted for re-use and/or recycling
  • Continued creating concrete forms for the curbs and gutters. These are created through work with a “Smart Level” that assists the worker in setting the correct slop for the gutters to ensures run off water drains at the correct rate and into the correct place
  •  Installed initial pipes of new storm drain sections adjacent to the manholes
  • The traffic sign light manufacturer reported that the new eight new signal poles and lights are 90% completed and on time
Scheduled for the week of August 15-19
  • Continue excavation of below grade dirt for street sub-base
  • Continue creating forms for new curbs and gutters
  • Pour concrete test samples of curb and gutter colors to ensure matching with the rest of downtown
  • Following color approval, begin pouring concrete for new curbs and gutters
  • Continue excavation of new storm drain trench
  • Continue  laying storm drain pipe, working from State Street towards Parking Plaza North
  • Begin limited night work on water lines to prevent water service interruption during business hours (no residences will be impacted)
  • Continue in-progress surveying needed throughout the project
  • Begin tree removals
Traffic Update
  • Temporary lane closure on First Street between State and Parking Plaza North will continue with flaggers during work hours
Unexpected Finds - Surprises
  • No new surprises this week!
Outreach Updates
  • Apricot Annie’s  first business promotion ads and suggested travel routes were published in the Los Altos Town Crier and Palo Alto Daily News
  • Installed two new 20 minute parking spaces in Parking Plaza Central to assist customers making quick pick-ups and drop-offs