Completed September 23-30
  • Installed top layer “2.5 inch lift” of asphalt for First & Main intersection and first 60’ of First Street
  • Continued backfill over new base rock and compacting new soil on First Street
  • Finished all demolition on Main St adjacent to Foothill Expressway
  • Continued work on new traffic controller next to Foothill Expressway 
  • Installed the traffic loops (sensors) for the intersection signal lights
  • Paved temporary sidewalk on west side of First Street and north side of Main Street adjacent to Foothill Expressway
  • Installed ADA ramps to intersection crosswalks
  • Installed straw wattles and erosion control fabric along 400 Main property.
  • Dug footing and installed rebar for the first stone monument foundation
  • Installed first irrigation lines for new landscape areas
  • Installed temporary asphalt sidewalk sections through construction zones
  • Installed temporary stop signs/road decals for intersection
  • Striped street lanes & install reflective tabs
Traffic Update
  • First & Main intersection through to Foothill Expressway OPENED on Sunday, September 25!
Gas Line Incident September 29
  • On Thursday, September 29, a gas line was ruptured during excavation on First Street. 911 as called at 10:38 am. Police arrived on the scene at 10:40 and Fire at 10:43. Evacuations of the block began at 10:41. PG&E arrived at 11:03 and the ruptured pipe was sealed at 11:11 am.
  • There were no injuries, no explosion, no fire and no property damage as a result of the accident.
  • Several businesses and restaurants were impacted for an hour by the evacuations and disruptions in gas service.
Downtown Traffic Events
  • Saturday & Sunday, October 1 & 2 FALL FESTIVAL in Parking Plaza North (parking plaza closed to cars beginning Friday evening, Sept 30)
Scheduled for October 3-7
  • Continue pouring concrete for new curbs along First Street
  • Continue grading on First Street roadbed
  • Continue work on new traffic signal control box
  • Begin construction of new 6” lateral sanitary sewer line on First Street (near State St)
  • Continue work on signal lights
  • Continue excavation for new irrigation lines and fountain area