Work was suspended several days this week due to rain
  • Finished preparing potential run-off areas for rain– covering exposed soil slopes with tarps, installing straw wattles along potential run off areas and covering storm drains with permeable cloth to keep debris out of the drains 
  • Continued work on new traffic controller next to Foothill Expressway                                                                                                                       
  • Completed temporary asphalt walkways through the landscaping areas adjacent to the First & Main intersection
  • Completed metal rebar for the first stone monument foundation
  • Completed excavation for the fountain foundation on First Street
Traffic Update
  • October 8 & 9- Micro sealing on San Antonio Road between Foothill Expressway and Pine Lane will be completed. One lane in each direction will remain open during the sealing. Some intersections will have detours marked by signs
Safety Training
  • All contractor crew members attended remedial safety training on utility markings and excavation protocols following last week’s gas line break
Scheduled for October 3-
  • Continue pouring concrete for new curbs along First Street
  • Continue grading on First Street roadbed
  • Continue work on new traffic signal control box
  • Begin construction of new 6” lateral sanitary sewer line on First Street (near State St)
  • Continue work on signal lights and signal controller box
  • Continue excavation for new irrigation lines