Completed November 14-18
  • Completed 100% of concrete curbs and gutters for entire project
  • Completed spreading aggregate and soil for new First Street roadbed
  • Completed final grading and compacting of new roadbed
  • Removed transition asphalt in State St & First St intersection
  • Completed second layer (lift) of asphalt for First Street
  • Installed temporary street markings for cars on First Street
  • Set form and poured new concrete for Central Plaza parking plaza
  • Installed final disabled accessible (ADA) sidewalk ramp in project area
  • Completed installing stone face on fountain and new planter
  • Began installation of fountain pump
  • Completed trenching for new electrical and irrigation lines on State Street
  • Connected (tied) electrical conduit in Central Plaza
  • Poured the cement footings for the new First Street trellis bases
  • Constructed form for long planter wall on First Street
  • Begin pouring cement for long planter wall
Other Downtown News
  • The annual Festival of Lights Parade is Sunday, November 27 at 6:00 pm. Don’t miss this wonderful event! For more information, visit 
  • The City’s Field Office trailer has been removed from the all day parking lot on First Street, freeing up parking stalls!
  • Traffic Updates
  • There was confusion over the traffic lanes on First Street this week. Annie’s Phased Opening Map has been revised for clarity. See the new map here: 
  • First Street is now open to cars during non-construction hours in the southbound direction! The northbound direction will be used temporarily for pedestrians while the sidewalks are completed.  It will re-open to cars as soon as they are complete
  • The traditional no parking areas for the Festival of Lights parade will be closed on Sunday, November 27. For details on the parade route, visit 
Scheduled for November 21-December 2
  • Install temporary pedestrian access for Skip’s Pizza and along First Street
  • Remove old sidewalk on First Street between Main St and Central Plaza
  • Grade new sidewalk section and place base rock
  • Remove forms on long planter wall
  • Set forms and install rebar for new sidewalk
  • Continue irrigation line installation and wiringon First Street
  • Install new traffic bollard on the north-east corner of First and Main 
  • Pour walkway cement on First Street
  • Continue electrical work on new traffic signal box
Construction work will not take place on November 24 & 25. The weekly construction meeting will not be held on November 24. Apricot Annie will be out of the office November 21-27. City offices will be closed November 24 & 25.

  1. Second layer of asphalt paving on First Street will occur Wednesday, November 16.
  2. First Street will remain a two way street. It will be opened to one-way traffic temporarily while the sidewalk work is underway to give pedestrians access to First Street businesses.
Completed October 31-November 4
  • Completed excavation of new drainage lines adjacent to Passarelle redesign section
  • Installed new 10” drainage pipe and connection to the storm drain system on First Street
  • Began stone tile installation on the fountain
  • Completed installing, grading and compaction  the final base layers for the new First Street asphalt street
  • Completed the curb & gutter concrete on the east side of First Street to Passarelle redesign section
  • Constructed a barrier swale for the asphalt adjacent to the Passerelle redesign section
  • Continued  excavation for new foundations , irrigation and electrical conduit on State Street
  • Completed grading and compaction of north side of Main Street sidewalk adjacent to Foothill
  • Installed new rain and erosion barriers on project perimeters
  • Completed re-engineering work for sidewalk transition and ground elevations on State Street at First Street

Downtown Traffic Updates
  • First Street paving was delayed on Friday, November 4 due to rain.
  • The first layer (lift) of asphalt is in progress today, Monday, November 7. The second lift date will be determined this week.

Other Downtown News
  • The Downtown Holiday Stroll is  this Friday, November 11 from 5-9pm: Shops open! Music, food and entertainment; for more details, click here!
Scheduled for This Week
  • Install tile for new fountain
  • Demolish the State St curb & gutter adjacent to the project
  • Install final layers of aggregate and soil for the new First Street roadbed
  • Pave the first layer (lift) of asphalt on First Street
  • Complete the stone tile installation on First Street Fountain
  • Continue work on new traffic signal control box
  • Continue landscaping area preparation
  • Continue gas line connection work
  • Continue engineering design work on sidewalk transition and ground elevations on State Street at First Street
  • Removal of the City’s Field Office (temporary trailer) in First Street parking lot
  • Excavate and pour concrete for First Street planter wall near State Street
  • Re-grade and compact Central Plaza sidewalk
  • Set and pour concrete bands adjacent to Central parking plaza
  • Remove temporary sidewalk at Main Street