Completed during July 25-29
  • 50% of the sidewalks & gutters in the project area have been removed
  • The surveying for the curbs & gutters has been completed. (more surveying will be done in each phase)
  • Removed 90% of the old electrical conduit along First Street
  • Turned off the traffic signal at First & Main with PG&E disconnecting all power to the traffic poles. This will be a significant power & cost savings.
  • Installed “snow fencing” style barrier around work site as a safety precaution for pedestrians.
  • The contractor is keeping the sidewalks & streets swept in areas immediately adjacent to the project, as required by the City
  • Due to public interest, the tree removal along First Street was postponed while an alternative plan to retain some trees is drafted
Scheduled for the week of August 1-5
  • Begin trenching for the new gas line and storm drain pipes
  • Begin laying the new gas line pipes
  • Remove the concrete slab that was discovered under the paving in the center of the First & Main intersection.
  • Begin spreading the class two rock aggregate (crumbled bits of rock that serve as a strong sub-base for the new sidewalks & roads)
Traffic Update
  • One way traffic on First Street between State & Plaza North 7:00 am to 5:00 pm while trenching.
Unexpected Finds - Surprises
  • After further digging, it was learned that the concrete slab found under the First & Main intersection measured 80 ft long by 40 ft wide by 6 in deep. It may be part of a much earlier road as it approached the railroad tracks and crossing
  • The new water line installed last fall along First Street will require relocating the planned storm water catch basin. This will not cause a construction delay but will change the type of catch basin used
  • An old concrete cap from a water line no longer in use was also found. It will be removed in the next couple of weeks
Interesting Facts
  • All sidewalk concrete and street paving removed from the project area will be recycled. This entails crushing the concrete and asphalt at an off-site location and then selling it to construction firms that may use it for new road construction
Outreach Updates
  • Installation of Annie’s signs highlighting free parking areas began this week
  • Approval to create two 20 minute parking stalls to help customers in the Central Parking Plaza were approved this week
  • The City Council will consider design revisions regarding the First Street trees in the Streetscape Project on Wednesday, August 3 at 5:00 pm in the Council Chamber, One North San Antonio Road. Public is welcome!
  • First Street and Main St & First Intersections closed to traffic and demolition began
  • Street paving & concrete removed
  • Sidewalk concrete sawcuts- prepping for upcoming removal
  • Last four of the defunct telephone poles removed
  • Initial surveyor stakes installed as part of site survey to determine how much dirt/soil./gravel etc must be removed.
  • Underground utilities marked (this is done each time the surface changes as a safety precaution)
  • Continued concrete removal (sidewalks, curbs & gutters)

  • Finish site surveying for dirt removal. (these are the wooden stakes with colored markings that are seen all along the street)
  • Remove seven of the nine trees approved for removal will be taken down.
  • Continue concrete removal (sidewalks, curbs & gutters)
  • Removing light fixtures, bike racks, benches & trash cans etc to be stored during project for replacement afterwards.
  • Begin excavation of the roadbed- this will take several weeks
  • First & Main intersection closed Mon, 18 July
  • First Street closed Monday, 18 July
  • The section of Main Street between Foothill Expressway and Main Street will close tomorrow morning, July 22. This is three weeks earlier than scheduled due to the severe public safety hazard the gas station is experiencing with cut-through traffic. The First Street driveway to the gas station will remain open throughout the entire project. Signs directing gas station customers will be placed on Foothill.

  • Found concrete buried under the asphalt in the intersection of First & Main (about 30 feet square and 6 inches thick). This will have to be removed as soon as possible.
  • Found the old concrete surrounding the street light electrical lines were twice the size of what’s used now. This stopped work temporarily on Wednesday afternoon until it was determined it was safe to take out.  It has already been removed.

  • Signs directing pedestrians to businesses will go up next week on First Street.
  • Annie’s “Get Around Guide” for drivers and walkers is in production
  • Annie Construction Timeline “What’s Happening When” is also in production
  • Photo Log has begun
  1. Yesterday (7.18.11), sidewalk cuts were to assist in removing the concrete later. 

  2. Today (7.19.11), a large machine called a cold planer removed the paving asphalt along First Street from the intersection from Main St to the intersection of State. The State Street intersection will remain intact until work begins on that intersection.

  3. This morning, additional road closure and directional signs were added on Foothill Expressway at Main Street and on First Street to let driver's know that the Chevron station is open for business but the street is closed to through traffic.

  4. The first of the Apricot Annie signs were installed Sunday, July 17. More will be installed over the next two weeks. The signs are currently on temporary holdings and will be put up on permanent posts in the next week.

  1. Meet Apricot Annie! Annie will be featured on the many signs letting people know businesses are open and showing people where to park. These signs will be rolled out over the next week with the first round going up Sunday evening.

  2. Traffic detour signs required by the State of California are in place and ready to be unwrapped Monday morning. Some of these signs are on permanent posts and some are on temporary sawhorses. These signs are reflective orange and black to meet the State code.

  3. Annie's "Get-Around-Guide" with the best routes for visiting downtown is in the works and will be posted online at the end of next week.

1.       Underground utilities are currently being marked on the pavement/sidewalks. These are needed so gas and electricity
          are not turned off while cuts are made in the concrete or pavement is removed.

2.       The first of the basic traffic construction signs required by Caltrans will begin being installed in the next few days.

3.       Signs promoting businesses are open and free parking are being prepared now for installation next week.

4.       This Friday, the first saw-cuts into sidewalks will be made in areas that won’t disrupt car or foot traffic. Most of the heavy
           demolition work will begin Monday, July 18